Natya Mahotsav Agra


Ranglok Sanskritik sansthan, Agra is presenting Ranglok Natya Mahotsav in Agra. Its a first time so much big theatre festival in Agra, Its a 4 days Mega event in which several of Eminent Theater Artist from Mumbai will present thier shows first time in Agra City.

Theatre festival will be held in Sursadan Auditorium Agra from 22nd of July to 25th 0f July, 2017. Following are the 4 Plays which will be perform:-


  • Adatped, Directed & Designed by: RaghuvirYadav
  • Group: RyraRepertoire, Mumbai

Synopsis: The play Piano is set in the Seventies. It was the time when the old dial telephone was the only source of communication. This play is about the lives of two people in old Bombay. The man sees an ad Piano for Sale in the newspaper and calls the lady who is selling the Piano. He takes on different personalities over the phone at times an old woman, a child, sometimes a pompous Piano dealer creating ridiculously hilarious conversation. He fervently keeps calling the naïve lady and troubles the life out of her. Lets leave it here for you to get a glimpse of two lonely lives………


  • Directed & Designed by: Jayant Deshmukh
  • Group: Ekrang, Bhopal

Synopsis: In fact, Natsamrat is a story of Ganpatrao Belvalkar, who withstands great suffering after his retirement from stage acting. He moderately boasts to have spent his initial life in acting with great dignity and vigour and also lived in the web world of glamour and versatility. Now he is trapped and torn between two worlds. Through the character of Natsamrat V. V. Shirwadkar has portrayed the complexity of human behaviour, unlike Shakespeare’s Lear, Shirwadkar tries to bring forth the complexities of human traits and obviously shows that man is a mere puppet in the hands of destiny. He has made use of the human conduct and circumstances. For the possibility and plausibility of human tragedy.


  • Written By: Gulzar
  • Directed & Designed by: Salim Arif
  • Group: Essay Communicaitons, Mumbai

Synopsis: Gulzar’s PAANSA is a dramatisation of Pavan K Varma’s long poem ‘Yudhishtar and Draupadi’. PAANSA brings a new perspective to the neglected relationship of Yudhishtar and Draupadi in the Mahabharata. Yudhistar’s austerity and straightforwardness come in the way of his passion for Draupadi, who loves Arjun above everyone else. The complex interplay between the two gives the poet the opportunity to meditate on the key aspects of men and women in love.

Tum Sam Purush Na Mo Sam Nari

  • Written By: Dr.Urmila Kumar Thapliyal
  • Directed & Designed by: Dimpy Mishra
  • Group: Ranglok Sanskritik Sansthan, Agra

Synopsis: The play is designed in Nataunki style which gives a magnificent glimpse of traditional folk theatre of Uttar Pradesh. The play showcases the story of Ramkali & Budhiya, a couple of extremely opposite personalities. The performance is punctuated with individual songs, dances, and skits, which serve as comic relief for audiences.