Ranglok Sanskritik Sansthan is an initiative of young artists of Agra. This organization is dedicated towards the promotion of performing arts.

Initiated by Mr. Dimpy Mishra, Cultural Mentor in the Sharda Group of Institutes and a well known personality in Agra in the culture domain, who has taken his lessons at  Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts, Lucknow.

Ranglok Sanskritik Sansthan is a platform for all the theater love artist and like minded people, a team of young performers who has lighten up the our old classic drama culture in the heritage city Agra,

The artist of Ranglok has done many shows in Agra and in other states on the state and national level; it is group of artist of different parts of the country who has worked with the manes like Gulzar Sir, Salim Sir, Lubna Salim, Yashpal Sharma and many other  famous name of Bollywood and theater industry.

Ranglok Sanskritik Sansthan dose not only play drama shows but provide theatrical workshops and training also to the young aspirants.